Customer satisfaction

SEC analysis determines how customers buy

Knowing whether buyers conduct consideration with complete, partial or minimal information about the qualities of goods they seek is an essential starting point for customer experience strategy. This method... ...Read more

I can’t get no…satisfaction, retention and churn

Picking up from last time, Personalization is very closely related to Retention in that timely Personalization actions can serve to stop Churn. Churn indicates the propensity of customers to... ...Read more

I can’t get no…satisfaction, quality and personalization

As we explored in the last post, Quality has an important role in Satisfaction. Quality is not only a moderator of Satisfaction, but it is a direct precursor to... ...Read more

I can’t get no…satisfaction and loyalty

Simply put, satisfaction and loyalty is important. It is a collection of attitudes aligned with purchase behaviors that favor one business among competing businesses. But it is so much... ...Read more

Your culture = your brand: Five steps to become customer-obsessed

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since the “Age of the Customer” became part of our daily business vocabulary, describing the vital importance of the empowered... ...Read more

The Un-satisfaction of Customer Satisfaction Surveys: How Customer Feedback Impacts the Customer Experience

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your company’s satisfaction surveys? Chances are you are less than satisfied, and you are not the only marketer with... ...Read more