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The IoT market continues to shift and innovate

How is IoT helping companies boost efficiencies? PK's latest blog provides insights into IoT and how it is helping organizations boost efficiency. ...Read more

Integrating legacy systems into the IoT: Challenges and opportunities

Like many of its peers, this organization needed to accommodate the move toward sustainable energy and shifting demographics. Read more. ...Read more

Developments in big data in supply chain and logistics

Supply chain and logistics experts were hard at work managing data long before Big Data and analytics became staples in every other industry. Read more... ...Read more

Machine learning races forward

Utilizing machine learning has risen to the top of many organization’s tech priorities, but there’s a lot of uncertainty about how...Read more. ...Read more

What CES 2017’s top trends mean for business

A number of key trends emerged during the conference sessions and on the show floor; allowing these trends to guide IT planning and investments could…Read more. ...Read more

Big data is never too big For TAP

TAP assists system operators, data scientists and application developers in gathering large amounts of data from multiple sources and in incongruent formats. ...Read more

Gesture-based computing offers digital consumption in a new way

No longer only within the realm of science fiction and gaming, gesture-based computing is taking the tech world by storm. Below is a roundup of expert predictions... ...Read more

Is Your Organization Turning Data Into Value?

Today, there is a gap between applications and Big Data stored in Hadoop. The applications need to consume data in order to deliver value...Read more. ...Read more

Beyond the Smartphone and the Fitness Trackers

The annual CES houses the world’s biggest names in tech, showcasing up-to-the-minute innovations and tools for businesses and consumers alike. ...Read more