Experience Design

How we approach digital experience design

One of PK’s guiding principles is that the best digital experiences are human experiences. To this end, our experience design team collaborates in ways to ensure that our clients... ...Read more

SEC analysis determines how customers buy

Knowing whether buyers conduct consideration with complete, partial or minimal information about the qualities of goods they seek is an essential starting point for customer experience strategy. This method... ...Read more

Building Connected Content Experiences and Creating Value

When we talk about connected content experiences, we’re talking about sharing: sharing insights and observations, sharing information, sharing our time. If we’re bold enough to ask customers to share... ...Read more

Managing a Responsive Website Redesign: OHSU

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a regional leader in healthcare, academic and research programs, with a digital ecosystem as sprawling as its Portland, Oregon campus. Like most... ...Read more

Personalizing the User Experience: Types and Methods

There’s a lot of talk these days about website personalization. Personalizing is not a new topic of course. Many of us remember the first generation of big (read: expensive)... ...Read more