The Cloud

5 ways for SaaS companies to drive end-user adoption

Cloud-based tools are the future of business. Gartner projects that in 2020 companies will spend $155.7 billion on SaaS and PaaS capabilities, and the number will grow to $209.1... ...Read more

The Cloud’s Silver Lining: Long-Term Customer Relationships

Who wins in a cloud-delivered world?  Clearly, and deservedly so, customers stand to benefit the most through choice.  The customer benefits when their software vendor or partner presents them... ...Read more

SaaS Customer Connection to the Cloud: Building Community

During the month of May, PK’s  Lisa Morris-Wolff was invited to speak at the SaaS University Conference in Bellevue, Washington. Cloud computing leaders from around the world traveled to Bellevue... ...Read more

5 Go-To-Market Challenges to Consider Before Unveiling Cloud Services

Cloud computing is one of those paradigm shifts that has long been accompanied by great expectations.  At this point, the debate is over – the cloud has proven it... ...Read more

Cloud Adoption Strategy: Incentivizing your Channel

Executive Summary

In a rapidly changing IT environment, partners in the channel are fearful on how they will fit into the new world of cloud computing. Vendors are challenged with... ...Read more