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Re-engineering trust with connected membership


Healthcare organizations face stark new realities. Retailers, tech titans, and digital insurgents are looking to remake the industry. To drive loyalty and reduce customer attrition to companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Teladoc, traditional healthcare payers and providers must raise their game and make consumer engagement a strategic priority. 

Join the Forrester-leading loyalty team at PK, along with Adobe and Katie Martell, as they outline a vision for how payers and providers can improve the patient experience and deepen the customer relationship through connected membership.

In this interactive session, they explore:
  • Loyalty’s impact on the healthcare bottom line. 
  • The leading payers and providers who are reimagining patient loyalty through a deeper sense of engagement. 
  • How healthcare organizations can tap into loyalty best practices and better leverage their existing capabilities. 
  • Ways connected membership enables omni-channel engagement and creates deliberate and curated journeys that deepen relationships and foster differentiated value. 

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About the Speakers

Katie MartellHost of Born Digital and Author of Trust Me, B2B, Katie Martell has been a startup CMO and entrepreneur and served as the Executive Director of Boston Content. She’s been named one of the “most fascinating people in B2B marketing,” and is a top marketing voice on LinkedIn (3X), influential B2B marketer on Twitter, top influencer in content marketing, a “top millennial influencer to follow,” a Woman to Watch, and a “femvertising slayer.”

Tom SwansonTom Swanson brings a decade of experience in the healthcare industry to Adobe, as well as extensive experience in digital transformation. Tom’s role at Adobe includes positioning Adobe in the health and life sciences marketplace, providing thought leadership, enabling the field, and evangelizing the importance of this industry both publicly and internally.

Connected membershipStephanie Cohen serves as Senior Principal, Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK, where she leads loyalty engagements to deliver innovative and bespoke loyalty strategies and experiences to customer-obsessed brands and their customers. Working with clients across industries, she is responsible for ensuring that clients meet their objectives and improve customer loyalty, engagement and profitable behaviors. Stephanie has a MBA in Health Administration and has worked with and for health care companies to improve their outcomes.

A picture of Dave WienekeDave Wieneke leads PK’s focus on serving the digital experiences of healthcare organizations, establishing a baseline method of measurement as outlined in PK’s Hospital Digital Experience Index. He’s partnered with executive teams at Harvard University, KinderCare Education, OHSU, and Everence Financial to advance their digital business capabilities. Prior to agency life, Dave directed digital teams for Thomson Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor, Sokolove Law and the states of New Jersey and Massachusetts. Dave is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and teaches about customer-centered management at the Rutgers Business School.

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About born digital

In a business world awash in stale webinars, we’re reimagining engagement. The Born Digital original talk show series is pioneering new ways to connect through organic, human-centered, creative content. A PK production hosted by marketing and CX industry personality, Katie Martell, the show features experts from PK and our partner Adobe. In each episode, we’ll unpack how today’s best, pioneering digital experiences are conceived and brought to life.