PK Sustainability Program

PK is investing in creating a work culture that fosters employee health, happiness and full potential living.  Correlating wellness goals with work life balance is critical to driving business outcomes.  In addition, we know that we operate within a larger community and implementing ways to  protect the communities in which our employees live and work is a key initiative.   PK is committed to creating a sustainability program with two key goals:  a wellness goal for our employees and a waste reduction goal for our community.

PK offices are designed to incorporate amenities that encourage and promote our employee’s health and well-being.   Our goal is to ensure that every facility provides at least one of the following (1) onsite showers for active commuters, (2) access to free or reduced cost exercise rooms or gyms, (3) group wellness activities, or (4) access to local transportation subsidies.   Standing desks and wellness rooms, where employee can escape for a quick break are also becoming standard offerings at many of our offices.

PK encourages walking or riding a bike to work and holds a quarterly employee competition such as the “step challenge” to see who can accumulate the most amount of steps.   Onsite Yoga @ Noon program as well as ping pong and other team games available in the office break rooms also provide employees an opportunity to tuck in a few minutes of exercise without leaving the office.

No-Waste Program
PK strives to contribute to an eco-friendly living lifestyle.  This includes buying biodegradable products for our  kitchen and office use.  Onsite recycling is promoted across all offices with visible recycling containers and regular updates and notices to employees  on recycling do’s and don’ts.    PK also as recycle and reuse process in place where unused office furniture, equipment and other materials disposed or refurnished appropriately.