Digital Selling

We help organizations accelerate the modernization of digital sellers by personalizing the buyer’s journey with the right tools, content, and knowledge. Reimagine your sales strategy and deliver data-driven insights to increase the efficacy and efficiencies of your revenue teams.

Customer-centric sales

The most significant challenge facing Sales and Marketing organizations is their ability to rapidly transform their seller-buyer experience without major investments across tech stacks and infrastructure. Revenue teams have shifted to fully-remote models. Buyer behaviors have evolved to synchronous engagement. Sellers and buyers have been able to adapt to digital environments, tools, and workstreams, and costs can now be reduced with a greater reliance on retention instead of acquisition.


PK’s ability to design, build, and run custom solutions that work with customers’ current technology and infrastructure enables them to quickly transform without making huge capital investments upfront. Level up your sales strategy, better engage prospects, and beat the competition with digital solutions tailored to your customers.


  • Strategy and Planning

    We use GTM modeling and verticalization to augment enterprise sales enablement efficacy with relevant insights, tools, and content adapted to today’s remote environments. We'll guide you in bridging the seller-buyer experience through digital resources.

  • Digital Enablement

    Update seller messaging, positioning, and engagements with industry-specific insights to help guide the seller-buyer experience through tailored touchpoints. Deliverables include interactive and impactful content, dashboards, and reporting.

  • Digital Engagement

    Through connected tools, content, and experience, we equip sellers with digital-native, interactive resources to help map business objectives to solutions while providing organizational visibility into pipeline forecasts and accelerating revenue recognition.

  • Sales Intelligence

    Strategies such as propensity modeling, program management, and automated reporting help contextualize seller activities, engagements, and outcomes to drive the right customer engagement, removing potential blockers to accelerate seller effectiveness.

Jared Dodson

Sales organizations that invest in enabling their sellers to have relevant, tailored, and interactive digital customer engagements today, will be tomorrow’s leaders.

Jared Dodson

Sales Enablement Practice Lead


Modernize Experiences

Achievable digital selling strategies post-pandemic: Empower your sellers

Achievable digital selling strategies post-pandemic: Empower your sellers

Jared Dodson

Sales Enablement Practice Lead

Intelligence and Analytics


Three ways to enable human-centered BI

Brad Jackson

VP, Intelligence & Analytics

Strategy and Design

PK and Microsoft on supercharging your sales analytics

Supercharging your sales analytics with Microsoft

Jared Dodson

Sales Enablement Practice Lead

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