[Webinar] The incredible power of productized APIs

Join Lou Powell as he reframes how businesses should be looking at their API strategy. In this 30-minute webinar, he’ll share real-world examples of industry leaders who adapted their APIs to serve the customer and outline a proven path to organizational innovation.

Virtual conference: CRMC

CRMC has moved to a Virtual Conference for 2020 and PK is excited to be a Platinum sponsor of this event. This unique and valuable experience will bring retail marketers representing over 200 brands together in a virtual networking and learning setting. Even as a virtual conference, CRMC will provide applicable, real-world solutions and strategies, and opportunities to exchange ideas to reimagine our brands for re-entry into the New Normal.

[Webinar] Big picture marketing performance

Join PK, Zimmer Biomet, and Alteryx as we outline how to create new marketing opportunities with data-driven decision making. Learn how new automation technologies work hand-in-hand with third-party platforms like Marketo and Adobe, for a comprehensive view that lets you:

[Live panel] Loyalty analytics: The metrics that matter in the customer journey


As a Forrester-recognized leader in loyalty, we believe loyalty should be treated as an outcome, not just a marketing practice. But how you do you measure loyalty? Increased customer lifetime value, retention, and emotional loyalty that fuels enthusiastic advocates for your brand are just a few indicators of success. But putting a number to some […]

[Webinar] Preventing an API attack

Billions of dollars. That’s how much API attacks have cost Venmo, Facebook, Panera Bread, Equifax, and Capital One. As one of the fastest-growing attack vectors on the internet, APIs that go untested can pose a significant risk to brand reputation and consumer trust. Yet many organizations aren’t able to say how many APIs they have, […]

[Webinar] Drive IT Value with Best-in-Class Analytic Automation

Save time, maximize your existing analytics investment, and deliver more valuable IT services too. Think outside the box of traditional IT reporting, by automating outage management, IP pass-listing, asset management, system upgrades and more. Register Today Join PK and Alteryx as we talk through best practices and use cases for getting your people, process, and […]

[Webinar] Personalized care with clinical business intelligence

As hospitals seek to recover from the burdens of COVID-19, improving care efficiency lies at the heart of major changes in healthcare organizations across the country. From reducing hospital readmissions to proactive total health management initiatives, the need to leverage data to gain patient insights and translate that into prescriptive and personalized engagement is forcing […]

Building the new era of loyalty


Turning your customers and prospects into superfans A focused event for Loyalty Marketers in collaboration with the Australian Loyalty Association and Oracle. For many brands, your existing loyal customers generate your profits. However, very little marketing spend today is spent on customer retention. Customer loyalty is about so much more than retention. Modern loyalty programs […]

Sitecore’s 4th Annual Virtual Developer Day

We’d like to invite you to join the Sitecore developer and MVP community for this year’s Virtual Developer Day on March 17. It’s a virtual event created by Sitecore, designed for Sitecore to sharpen Sitecore developers' skills with the latest in digital experience technology. PK Senior Software Engineer Madhu Anbalagan will serve as a presenter […]

[Webinar] How to deliver on the promise of low-code platforms

The future of software is low-code. Gartner estimates that by 2024 nearly 65% of all app development will occur on low-code platforms. As citizen developers create new ways of doing business, we see two challenges that stand in the way of their collective success: onboarding and enterprise standards. Join Raja Roy, VP of technology at […]

RPA Center of Excellence workshop

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to remake industries by streamlining operations and accelerating time to market. Why then are so many organizations struggling to make the most of their RPA investment? With up to half of all RPA deployments initially failing, automation teams continue to run into roadblocks when it comes to scale. […]