Intelligence and Analytics

We shift perspectives on data, aligning the thrill of problem-solving with resilient solutions, all while bringing work and life back into balance.

Turn information into action faster than the competition. By automating the flow of data and analytics, our clients empower decision-makers at all levels, tapping into a reservoir of unexpected potential.


  • Data Engineering

    Data is the foundation of all analytics, and it must be modeled and orchestrated properly to maximize its value. We standout as unparalleled experts in this area due to our depth of experience and repeatable data ingestion & pipeline frameworks.

  • Visual Intelligence

    We focus on building rich, interactive experiences so that everyone from analysts to executives can quickly find actionable insights.

  • Data Science

    Data science mixes the advanced treatment of data with scientific methodology to answer specific, researchable questions. We use data blending, predictive modeling, and machine learning to evolve our clients’ analytics maturity.

  • Planning Analytics

    Our use of next gen tech in enterprise performance management enables connected planning across the organization, so Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, HR and IT can work collaboratively and up-level their planning processes.

  • Customer Analytics

    As our clients invest in customer experience, attention quickly turns to understanding and generating return on that value. From customer insights to loyalty analytics, we have accelerators that expedite measurement strategies, KPI definition, segmentation and CLV tracking.

  • Edge Technology

    Our Edge Technology group helps clients explore and implement cutting-edge solutions like IoT and AI. This R&D organization assists in planning highly advanced PoCs and provides advisory services for clients exploring the edge.

Thought Leadership

Intelligence and Analytics

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Pablo Salvador Lopez

Data Scientist

Intelligence and Analytics


Three ways to enable human-centered BI

Brad Jackson

VP, Intelligence & Analytics

Improve Customer Loyalty

loyalty analytics

Live panel recap: Loyalty analytics

Clay Walton-House

Managing Director, Integrated Loyalty Solutions

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The world generates about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, but without structure and purpose, all that data does little for business. Learn how you can implement big data analytics into your organization to achieve business goals.

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Brad Jackson

You can’t be one of the 87 percent of organizations with low levels of analytics maturity and meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

Brad Jackson

VP, Digital Intelligence

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