PK and Adobe

The combination of PK and Adobe brings together decades of leadership in experience engineering, under the direction of a connected team of Adobe Experience Platform experts.

In the era of customer-centricity, it’s no longer sufficient to mirror your corporate structure in static, online brochure-ware. Audiences today expect a seamless, cohesive, and customer-centric experience across devices and channels.

In support of this goal, we partner with Adobe, to engineer experiences that meet the ongoing evolution of user expectations in the era of accelerating change.

In addition to design, build, and implement projects, we partner with our clients to support them through the full technology adoption lifecycle. Our experience and expertise with the platform allow our clients to take full advantage of Adobe Experience Cloud.

PK is an Adobe Solution Partner

Retail and Consumer


Vision 2020 retail: The mall’s rebirth

Martin Mehalchin

Managing Director, Retail and Consumer

Enhance Commerce

What We Mean When We Talk About Unified Commerce

What we mean when we talk about unified commerce

Lonnie Estep

VP of Digital Experience Platforms & Loyalty

Modernize Experiences

What is Experience Engineering?

What is experience engineering?

Jake DiMare

Director of Marketing

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