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Nuvolo connects workplaces through solutions in Facilities Management, Clinical and Lab Asset Management, IWMS, Cyber Security, and more. PK’s Nuvolo experts leverage industry best practices and deep platform knowledge, resulting in more streamlined workflows. Projects involve the implementation and optimization of various Nuvolo application suites with a focus on service management, asset management, process efficiency, and workflow automation. Typical outcomes include reduced operating costs, increased asset and resource utilization, improved compliance, and higher customer satisfaction.
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Employee experience during COVID: Unlocking better engagement

Employee experience during COVID: Unlocking better engagement

Carissa Destinia

Senior Consultant


Vision 2020: Predictions for Agile Organizations

Predictions for agile organizations

Guillermo De Anda Quevedo

VP of Agile

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Brian Bleike

Brian Bleike

Director, Nuvolo

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