Sick bots: Why you need a health check in your intelligent automation journey

Close to 80% of RPA/Intelligent Automation projects fail to achieve the desired ROI. That’s a significant amount of wasted time, resources and investment, in large part due to a failure to properly plan. Some of the critical factors affecting ROI on RPA/Intelligent Automation projects are the lack of best practices for infrastructure setup, bot implementation, establishment of an internal Center of Excellence, Conversational UI and AI/ML ops.

This webinar is intended to help our audience to evaluate the gaps in their CoE, Infrastructure, Bot Implementation, Conversational UI, AI/ML ops and increase their intelligent automation maturity to drive ROI and create a roadmap to sustainable Intelligent Automation Ecosystem.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why many AI practice do not achieve higher maturity and ROI
  • What are the critical factors affecting ROI?
  • How to evaluate the critical factors especially with respect to infrastructure setup, bot implementation, Chatbot, AI/ML ops and the CoE to increase maturity and ROI.

Learn more about how to operationalize and scale RPA in PK’s webinar Better bots for an automated future.

About the Author

Ross BentleyRoss Bentley is Senior Director of the Automation CoE for PK and has over 20 years experience in Quality Assurance and Automation, coming alongside clients to solve complex Quality, Automation and Delivery challenges.


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