Strategy and Design

We anchor our work in results-oriented business strategies and amazing customer experiences that drive outcomes and business impact. ​

Our clients turn to us when defining world-class experiences in a crowded ecosystem. Their decisive investments expand customer value with experiences that are nimble, appealing to their customers, and differentiated. They acquire, grow and retain customers through deeper connections across the customer lifecycle.


  • Strategy​

    Understand your market, your competitors, and opportunities for growth, while building strategies to accomplish your core business objectives of customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty.

  • Human-Centered Design​

    Translate your intention in the market and connect at a human level with your employees, partners, and customers.

  • Marketing​

    Create a world-class marketing strategy, from optimization and performance measurement to campaign and creative execution.

  • Customer research

    From ethnographic and quantitative research to product validation, we cultivate intuitive knowledge of your customers and buyers, clearing paths to their needs.

  • Sales enablement

    Sales strategy, process and analytics: These are all the cornerstones of successful sales organizations, which through our technology and guidance can amplify success.

Thought Leadership

Improve Customer Loyalty

Webinar recap: Loyalty on-demand

How to achieve consumer loyalty on demand

Clay Walton-House

Managing Director, Integrated Loyalty Solutions

Customer experience

Ten Guiding Principles of Customer Experience

Ten guiding principles for a better customer experience

Marko Muellner

VP, Digital Experience Strategy

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The big book of CX

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James Kim

Just like great products, great experiences strike an emotional chord because they feel like they were designed thoughtfully.

James Kim

Head of Experience Design

What experience do you need engineered?

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