PK and Microsoft on supercharging your sales analytics

We all know that data-driven sales organizations outperform. In fact, data-driven sales organizations are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors in customer acquisition. But what does it mean to be a data-driven sales organization in today’s environment?  What are some of the ways real organizations are leveraging analytics to drive productivity and effectiveness? What are the elements to building a mature sales intelligence function?   

Join Jared Dodson, Sales Enablement Practice Lead at PK, and Christine Bell, Senior Director of Sales Insights at Microsoft, in this 30-minute webinar as they walk through three real-world examples of how Microsoft is using analytics to supercharge their sales organization and beat the competition.

Register today and get a better understanding of:

  • What a data-driven sales organization looks like.
  • An in-depth view into Microsoft’s own experience leveraging sales insights.
  • The building blocks of a modern sales intelligence function.   
About the Presenters

Jared Dodson is a Senior Manager and Sales Enablement Practice Lead at PK. He brings over 15 years of experience helping well-known brands like Adobe, T-Mobile, and Microsoft, build world-class sales and marketing engines. Jared understands the challenges B2B companies face as they look to better connect with customers in a complex and increasingly digital environment. His passion is enabling marketers and sellers to create personalized and relevant customer engagements through intelligent tools, content, and insights.

Christine Bell is a Senior Director at Microsoft with over 25 years of experience building businesses, programs and product management across enterprise, mid-market, small business and consumer customer segments. She leads a team accountable for developing insights focused on Modern Work, Surface and Security to drive business strategy, planning and programs across sales and channel enabling business growth.


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